NEW date for XX. Fetish Grand Prix Brno 24.-26.2.2023

Fetish Grand Prix Brno 29.5.2010

Fetish Grand Prix Brno is a Czech party for fetish lovers and kink enthusiasts. It's one of the biggest dresscode event held in the Czech Republic. The party is held in a hotel completely booked for the occasion of the event. There is restaurant, swimming-pool, Jacuzzi and fitness center available for the party guests. The program officially starts at 4 P.M. and graduates after midnight. The venue is separated so there are chill-out corners for comfortable conversation so as opportunities for some play fun. You are kindly invited.

Arrival to a party - The hotel is located next to motorway D1 nearby Brno. The easiest way is to fill GPS coordinates.
The entry fee is approximately 9 Euros
Accommodation is provided in single or double room with shower and Wifi Internet connection. The price per person is approximately 11 Euro.

More references from fetish model Honeyhair: Blog entry about Fetish Grand Prix Report from 0902 Fetish party write: Revelator

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For more information please contact s.Ade - [email protected] z , or Sadaa Bojkova at Facebook